Due to escalating concerns regarding the rapid spread of the coronavirus, the Norwegian Government have implemented new control measures. These include a 2 week quarantine for those travelling to Norway from outside Scandinavia, and closure of all schools and childcare centres. Public transportation is running but people are encouraged to restrict their use.


Live updates on the number of cases and geographical distribution in Norway are reported here.


Chiron are taking all possible steps to minimise the potential impacts on business continuity. We are stopping all customer visits and non-essential business travel, replacing face to face meetings with digital meetings where possible. Communal areas are being regularly sanitised to prevent risk of spread. We already have a dispersed, home based sales team, ensuring that there will be no interruption in our communications. 


Despite these measures this unprecedented situation may still result in unexpected delays. We kindly ask for your understanding at this time.


We will provide you with relevant updates if the situation evolves.